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Teddy Frank began painting in her native city of New Orleans, Louisiana at the age of eleven.

She studied art and design at the universities of New Orleans and Tennessee.

Moving to New York City, Teddy attended the Fashion Institute of Technology and graduated from Parsons School of Design.

After several years working in art, design and interior planning, as well as being a partner in a company which designed and marketed decorative pillows and blankets, she enrolled in the Chocheli School of Fine Art in Doylestown PA.

At the Chocheli studio school she has spent the last seven years learning and working in the classical style of art which has been rarely taught in American art schools.

Her teacher, Niko Chocheli, is a master painter from the country of Georgia, as well as an illustrator and iconographer.

Teddy continues her studies at the school, specializing in pen and ink, watercolor and acrylic painting.

She currently teaches a watercolor painting class.